To Whom It May Concern,

I am a trained comic and freelance writer who, in addition to other work, has made covering and writing about my own cancer diagnosis both social and perhaps a little funny.

Here's a bit more background about my experience, and why I want to work for you.

Writer, comic, and video producer

Through my digital and television work, I invite people to dig into a story with me that they may not necessarily seek out, and leave with a deeper understanding of what once was possibly confusing. This can range from something in pop-culture, a complex political issue, a slice of sexuality unfamiliar to them, or even my own cancer diagnosis. I often use myself as a subject in order to allow the reader to help experience a story on a more personal level, as if we’re friends chatting.

11 true facts about my career

  • I put in my “communications boot camp” time working on Democratic political campaigns.

  • Seeking work that would help form my voice, I joined MZA Events, a leading production company for non-profits (specifically AIDS Walks).

  • Started as a fundraiser for MZA Events, another level of “communication boot camp.”

  • During this work I discovered the strength of social communication for promoting and legitimizing your product in the world of new media.

  • While fighting AIDS, I strengthened my comedic voice through stand-up, sketch and freelance writing.

  • A book considered me a “Twitter Celebrity.”

  • Ghostwriting for various clients, most specifically Bond Strategy & Influence.

  • I got cancer and discovered that others benefited from hearing about my experience online in a creative social way. This was my #Chemocation.

  • I wrote for the Huffington Post, Fusion,, Vice, Thought Catalog, Sparknotes, OUT, and other outlets.

  • Jim Henson Co. and Fusion thought I was funny enough to voice some puppets online.

  • Oprah said my name…

I want to work for you because I respect the work and I think you'd like my work, too. I would love to discuss this opportunity at your earliest convenience, preferably in a location with air conditioning.

H. Alan Scott