H. Alan Scott is a writer, comedian, and producer based out of Los Angeles, CA. His work has been featured on VICE, Fusion, Esquire, Newsweek, OUT, MTV, Someecards, and Thought Catalog. He's been a consultant for TV Land's, Younger, Jim Henson's No, You Shut Up, and the BBC. He co-hosts Out on the Lanai: A Golden Girls Podcast and Talking Crime: A "Not So Serious" True Crime Podcast. His work focuses on storytelling through original reporting/writing, video production, live performance, and audio/podcasting. 

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H. Alan Scott
314.374.3985 / halanscott@gmail.com


Combining experience in freelance writing, comedy, and content strategy specifically focused on producing content on social media platforms and for media outlets. Emphasis on live realtime coverage, strategic partnerships and expanding and developing a unique voice. Basically being an all around internet whisperer.

Writing Background

Freelance writer with a focus on comedy, politics, news, culture, LGBT, profiles/interviews, and health related topics. My goal with everything is to start with a foundation of creativity, using my experience in comedy to better explain complex issues such as my cancer, politics, pop-culture, LGBT topics, etc. A cultural tourist of sorts, I excel put in uncomfortable situations or explaining complex issues in a laymen comedic way for a broad audience to ascertain.

  • Social Media: TV Land, Logo, Fusion, MTV, WitStream, Digital Marketing Firms, PR/Event Production Companies

Early adopter of a number of social media platforms, incorporating them into every facet of my work (comedy, speeches, performing, writing). My social media voice has three goals: to entertain, inform, and engage. I’ve used this voice through strategic partnerships to exclusively engage and produce content for their online audience. Additionally, I’ve ghostwritten for a number of social media accounts, digital marketing firms and PR/event production companies, providing content to brands, entertainers, and organizations to better engage with their audience.

  • Content Strategy: Gay Men’s Health Crisis, AIDS Walk, Humane Farming Association, JQ International, and Bond Strategy

I work with organizations and businesses to strategize their best social media direction. Primarily I advise on how to acquire content from their existing sources of information, the best way to organize it, and how to maintain their online presences.

  • Speaker/Performer: HuffPost Live, Young Turks, Colleges, Organizations, Radio, Comedy Venues

I give speeches, presentations, appear as a talking head on shows, and perform original comedy, primarily focused on my cancer diagnosis, LGBT, and religious issues (specifically my Mormon upbringing and conversion to Judaism), pop culture, and current events. I’ve been featured in Time Out,  Next Magazine, Towleroad, and MTV.

Employment History

  • Freelance Writer 2006 to present

    • Freelance writer primarily for online publications. They include Fusion, Thought Catalog, xoJane.com, OUT, Sparknotes, Huffington Post, among a number of cancer and health related outlets.

    • Content provider for brands and businesses to better engage with their online audiences. TV Land, Logo, MTV, Bond Strategy, a number of organizations, are just a few of the places I’ve produced content for.

  • No, You Shut Up (Jim Henson Co. Production on Fusion) 2014 to 2015

    • Wrote content based on topics trending from the internet and news.

    • Managed all social accounts (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook).

    • Voiced the social presence for eight different puppets.

    • Collaborated on various aspects of the production.

  • Social Media & PR Coordinator for Nerdist.com’s NerdMelt Showroom (part time/freelance position) ­2014 to present

    • Coordinate and write all content shared on social sites.

    • Coordinate language with Nerdist.com, comedians/celebrities performing at NerdMelt, and showroom managers.

    • Be awesome at the internet.

    • NerdMelt has been rated by LA Weekly as the #1 Comedy Room in LA.

  • New Media Supervisor ­ 2006 to 2013 MZA Events (producer of AIDS Walk New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles)

    • Developed and oversaw all social media as chief content strategist for all of MZA.

    • Created e­communication copy for community outreach, recruiting and strategic fundraising initiatives.

    • Collaborated with the CEO and senior staff to create and implement a large­ scale system for MZA’s online and social media presence.

    • Led team of developers to launch 3 new websites and content strategy from initial idealization to completion for main clients, AIDS Walk NY, LA and SF.

  • Democratic Political Campaigns ­ 2004 to 2006 (Wesley Clark for President 2004; Nancy Farmer for U.S. Senate - 2004; Anthony Weiner for Mayor, New York City - 2005)

    • All of my work on Democratic campaigns was focused on getting out the vote and fundraising, targeted towards minority communities, specifically people of color and LGBT.

“So a body-conscious gay Jew walks into a sex party…” (Fusion)
“What Getting Cancer on Social Media Looks Like” (Daily Dot)
“I’m Not Sure If I Was Sexually Assaulted or Not: On Men and Date Rape” (Thought Catalog)

Video Clips
Stand Up 2 Cancer coverage Clip 1 and Clip 2 (MTV)
Golden Girls Superfan Gets a GG Tattoo (Fusion)
Screen Actor's Guild Awards (Fusion)
More videos at halanscott.com/watch

Awards & Accomplishments
Oprah said my name.

DePaul University: Political Science (2002)
People’s Improv Theater (2005)
Union for Reform Judaism Studies (2013)

Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a trained comic and freelance writer who, in addition to other work, has made covering and writing about my own cancer diagnosis both social and perhaps a little funny.

Here's a bit more background about my experience, and why I want to work for you.

Writer, comic, and video producer

Through my digital and television work, I invite people to dig into a story with me that they may not necessarily seek out, and leave with a deeper understanding of what once was possibly confusing. This can range from something in pop-culture, a complex political issue, a slice of sexuality unfamiliar to them, or even my own cancer diagnosis. I often use myself as a subject in order to allow the reader to help experience a story on a more personal level, as if we’re friends chatting.

11 true facts about my career

  • I put in my “communications boot camp” time working on Democratic political campaigns.

  • Seeking work that would help form my voice, I joined MZA Events, a leading production company for non-profits (specifically AIDS Walks).

  • Started as a fundraiser for MZA Events, another level of “communication boot camp.”

  • During this work I discovered the strength of social communication for promoting and legitimizing your product in the world of new media.

  • While fighting AIDS, I strengthened my comedic voice through stand-up, sketch and freelance writing.

  • A book considered me a “Twitter Celebrity.”

  • Ghostwriting for various clients, most specifically Bond Strategy & Influence.

  • I got cancer and discovered that others benefited from hearing about my experience online in a creative social way. This was my #Chemocation.

  • I wrote for the Huffington Post, Fusion, xoJane.com, Vice, Thought Catalog, Sparknotes, OUT, and other outlets.

  • Jim Henson Co. and Fusion thought I was funny enough to voice some puppets online.

  • Oprah said my name…

I want to work for you because I respect the work and I think you'd like my work, too. I would love to discuss this opportunity at your earliest convenience, preferably in a location with air conditioning.

H. Alan Scott